www.myphotobookbyme.com - Delivering a WOW! reaction

www.myphotobookbyme.com is a very personal way of storing, viewing or sharing your memories. They can be a mix of photographs, maps, text or any other form of illustration. Collating an album of holiday, party, adventure or other activity memories is exciting and easy to make into a photo book. Sharing images and stories in a book is much more personal than online albums. They make perfect gifts to friends or relatives.

We offer free software to design and populate the books. It’s easy to use and a handy icon sits on your desktop to make it easy to access.The software also has calendars, posters, greetings cards, postcards and other personalised products. The books are either soft cover, hard cover or hard cover with the stunning lay flat construction. They range in size from 74 x 105mm up to 30 x 30cm in a variety of formats.

Starting at £19.99 they deliver a WOW! reaction every time they are opened.